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Amazon Wish List

Heit’s Point Lutheran Ministries Amazon Wish List is a new way to support our ministry! The items on our Amazon Wish List will help us provide the best programs, hospitality, and overall camp experience for summer campers and the many patrons Heit’s Point serves each year. Please take a few moments to look through the list and consider supporting the ministry in this way. Using your Amazon account, you can add items from our list to your cart and have them shipped directly to Heits Point Lutheran Ministries. To view the Wish List, follow this link and simply select the items you would like to donate, purchase them, and then use the following address to have it sent directly to us: 28345 Heits Point Ave, Lincoln, MO 65338

Thank you for continuing to support Heit’s Point, these gifts will help us serve you and all our guest and patrons in the future!


"Strengthening the Connection with the Vine"


Heit's Point will be a Christ-Centered refuge where a person's relationship with Jesus Christ is built, strengthened, and encouraged.

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