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Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries

History in Brief



March 12th, 1979, Mr. and Mrs Henry Heitman donated the original 48 acres to the Missouri District. Resolution 1-101, at the 1980 district convention initiated the development of Heit's Point. The ministry has grown from occasional campers to camps and retreats for all ages and all seasons.
February 4, 1983 the Anderson property was purchased adding 62 acres and 4 cabins. This area, with it's cabin and later irmprovements, has been the center of summer camp.
In the fall of 1984, a bathhouse pavillion was completed. The area offered adequate restroom, shower, and lodging for about 40 people
March 1985, Mr. Leonard Haase, built the Directors house, now known as the Lodge. It has been modified over the years, but has served well for numerous directors.
In 1988 the first summer camp was held, 2 weeks of outdoor education, 37 students and 6 adults for 3 days/2 nights. The first Outdoor Festival occurred with over 500 people attending
The campground was built, known as "Heitman Ridge Campground." 14 spots built by AAL branches and volunteers.
In 1989 the Outdoor chapel was built - named "The resurrection of the Messiah."  The A frame roof and stained glass were from Messiah Lutheran church in Independence, MO and the limestone chancel fixtures were donated from Redeemer Lutheran in Atwood, KS. Many worship services, devotions, and weddings have been blessed with this facility.
In 1991 the Williams property was purchased, which added 5 acres and a two bedroom stone house with out buildings.
In 1998, a special gift was given to purchase the adjoining 53 acres, lakefront property. This brought the total to 168 acres of God's beautiful creation. The "Rock house" on this property serves well for respite for anyone who needs to get away.
In 1998, members of Ascension Lutheran of KC built a pavilion in  the campground. The "Ascension Haus" has served many groups, and is perfect for enjoying Heit's Point.
In 1997-1999, The Dr. Paul Spitz center was built with gifts from many supporters. This facility realized the emphasis of serving all ages in outdoor ministry.  It is the central facility for all that happens now at Heit's Point.
Summer camps continued to grow and in 2001 through a generous gift the Gospel Hostel bunkhouse was built, increasing capacity by 48.
In 2002, another generous gift from the Blunk family in honor of Marvin Blunk, resulted in another bunkhouse called the Blunk house, increasing capacity by 60.
Also in 2002, the Cedar house and 12 acres was purchased and donated.  This gift is one that keeps on giving, the donor, Delbert Rinne is now the resident volunteer and a valuable servant to Heit's Point and the Lord's work.
Many waterfront and campground improvements have been done over the years, led by Ellis Moore and his dedicated volunteers.  Numerous other volunteers have been invaluable to the success of the ministry here.
In 2002, Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries Incorporated was formed and in 2006, Larry Lumpe led the board in a fundraising effort to purchase the property from the District to allow the district to concentrate on new ministries.
In 2006, the bathhouse was converted to a bunkhouse now lodging 24
In 2007 the original Heitman house was restored. 


28345 Heits Point Ave.
Lincoln, MO 65338 

Ph: 660-668-2363


"Strengthening the Connection with the Vine"


Heit's Point will be a Christ-Centered refuge where a person's relationship with Jesus Christ is built, strengthened, and encouraged.

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